Monday, August 31, 2009

IPL is the world's hottest sports

The DLF Indian Premier League,which started 2 years ago,has become popular not only in India,but all over the world.It became the first league in Cricket where players from different countries came together to play for one franchise.The IPL in its 2nd edition is believed to have generated $209 million as revenue,a whooping 31% increase from the 1st edition.Lalit Modi,the Chairman of IPL,has become among the most popular cricket administrates ever.In India,IPL was loved by one and all.I,myself saw 3 of the 7 matches hosted by Delhi in the IPL's first edition.Even though many believed,moving the tournament to South Africa would not help,the revenue earned seems to have increased and so has the following of the league.I definitely believe that IPL is the best thing that has happened to indian cricket.It has helped us identify the good talents that we have back.Besides,it has been interesting to see franchise's combining the local talent with foreign players.Just like any other cricket fan,I am eagerly waiting for IPl to return to India in its next edition.

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