Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Board of Cashrich Carefree Idoits

Board for Control of Cricket in India should be renamed Board of Cashrich Carefree Idoits.Hundreds of times we have seen the BCCI dominating the ICC.They dominate possibly every Cricket board in the world.They do things as they wish to,like not following WADA or not participating in Commonwealth Games.All they care about is making money with tournaments like IPL.

Inspite of being the richest board,what has the BCCI done for India? Over the last few years,India's pitches have been flat and caused dull draws in tests.The Kotla fiasco isn't something to be proud of either.What is even more disappointing to see that inspite of getting a warning from the ICC,they didn't improve the pitch and recently another ICC pitch inspector,gave the Delhi pitch a red signal.It may even mean that Cricket loving delhites like myself would not be able to enjoy the World Cup in the stadium.If the BCCI can't even deliver for Cricket's most important people,the fans,then they are useless.

Even other pitches in the country aren't exactly great,particularly for test cricket.An article I read said that over the past five years,out of 27 tests played in Australia,29 in South Africa and 22 in Sri Lanka,only 2,3 and 4 went to a draw respectively.While in India,11 of the 24 tests have been draws.The BCCI must pull up their socks and help the state boards in preparing pitches which give assistance to both bowlers and batsmen.Its high time they understand that high scoring draws are boring for the people watching the game.With the amount of money and political power they have,BCCI should take help from foreign experts in preparing better pitches.Yes,India's weather may not allow us to make pitches like Australia and England,but still flat belters which last 10 days should be discouraged.

Its time that BCCI and state boards wake up from deep slumber to get things in place for the 2011 World Cup as well as future of test cricket in India.I am hoping test cricket in India doesn't become like test cricket in Pakistan,where there is hardly any crowd even if entry is free.

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