Sunday, July 18, 2010

The need of the hour

The ICC might have earned close to $85m in the last year,thanks to the various T20 tournaments,but what it does not realize that all T20 is doing is killing the ultimate form of Cricket.Most children and youngsters have started preferring T20s over Tests.What is even more dangerous is the fact that sponsors for T20s are ever increasing.I strongly believe that to promote Cricket in countries which have little interest in the game,T20 is the best way,being quick entertainment for spectators.However with T20 World Cups being held every 18 months,increasing matches in IPL,English T20 and KFC Big Bang becoming more popular,people in countries like India,Pakistan have stopped enjoying Tests.

I,for one,was very disappointed to hear Chris Gayle saying that he would prefer the IPL over Test cricket for his nation.Even though,these comments came on the back of a crisis with West Indies Cricket Board,it was disheartening.When senior players like Gayle,openly say it,then we have to question if at all there is any future of oldest form of Cricket.

Yes,IPL is enjoyable experience for a family crowd and ofcourse the BCCI,which fills its already loaded pocket with tons of cash,but is it actually worth the gamble of risking interest in tests? Is it really a world cup if only 12 teams take part and it takes place every 18 months? What are top boards like BCCI doing to promote test cricket? Should IPL,Champions League T20 be held every year? These are questions that need to addressed very quickly.

Even though,thanks to his bad form,Micheal Clarke doesn't have too many fans,I have to admit that I am a fan of his.Reason is rather simple.Inspite of lucrative offers from the IPL and persuasions from Lalit Modi and Co.,Clarke decided to choose his nation over IPL.Such steps by players must be taken else,most players would like to have maybe two IPLs each year.Also,administrators need to play a important part in the game by making sure Test matches are played on balanced pitches and not flat tracks that result in dull high-scoring draws.Apart from this,a Test Championship should also be started by the ICC.It would promote test cricket in a big way and I am sure it will be much more fair way of rating the NO.1 in the world.It however,shouldn't be of 10 teams,rather 6 teams.It could be played out over 8 months once every four years and the top 6 teams in ICC rating at the end of the previous year,should play the Championship.It would also spice up test cricket in general since every team would want to gain as many points as possible to make sure they make it to the top 6.These things are essential for sustaining Test cricket.

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  1. Agreed.. Test cricket championship part specially!


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