Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Team India's World Cup '09 dairy

There is no doubt what so ever that India should have performed better in the Super 8 stage.They didn't manage to win even a single game out of three.It most definitely was disappointing for any Indian fan.However,it doesn't mean that I will carry out a postmortem like most indian news channels have.I strongly believe that it is that time when we support our players rather than blaming them.Yes,the team had many shortcomings,but it is human to make errors and people of India must not get emotional about it(this is easier said than done).So here is why India didn't do well.
Firstly,India's big names like Gambhir,Yuvraj,Zaheer,Harbhajan and Dhoni who have been the major reason this team has done well over past two years were not in good form.Another big name in Indian cricket,Virender Sehwag was missed dearly.His absence didn't help the team.Secondly,the short ball was a big problem for the indian batsmen.Suresh Raina and Yusuf Pathan are surely two players who have weakness against the short ball.However,others also weren't too comfortable against it.Even Gautam Gambhir,who has played well in Australia,New Zealand and South Africa on bouncy tracks,struggled a bit.This is something the team has to work on.
Another factor was the bowling attack and their form.Apart from Harbhajan and Zaheer not being in form,even Ashish Nehra and Piyush Chawla looked totally off-color.
Team selection was questionable.Not picking Pragyan Ojha and Robin Uthappa and picking Ravindra Jadeja surprised me even before the tournament started.Jadeja seems to have WC jinx and just can't do well,neither with the bat nor the ball.Vinay Kumar might have done well,but I still do not believe he should have been picked.Ishant Sharma on almost any day is better than Vinay Kumar.I think,Mahender Singh Dhoni's honeymoon period is over.He has by far been the most lucky captain with everyone in the team being in good form.Some of his illogical changes have also paid dividends.But,now is his real test.As they say,when the going gets tough,the tough get going.So,Dhoni's real test starts now,as even the best players of his team aren't in greatest form.
I would also like to add that their are a few players who one cannot blame and they are Rohit Sharma,Suresh Raina(though he needs to work on the short ball),Piyush Chawla and Vinay Kumar.Harbhajan Singh also partly made the list,because he may not have picked up too many wickets,but was really good against Australia and South Africa when many of his team-mates struggled.
Fitness is another factor.Young players like Yuvraj Singh,Rohit Sharma have put on some weight.I think they need to learn from Rahul Dravid,who might be 37,but is still fit and in shape.I wish India the best of luck for upcoming series,though they need more than just luck.

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