Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dinesh Karthik must be dropped

The first time I saw Dinesh Karthik play for India,I hated him.The keeper from Tamil Nadu might be good behind the wickets but in front of them,has been a huge disappointment.He has one habit which another player I hated had.The nervous start syndrome which even Wasim Jaffer had.The problem with this is the fact that they take forever to get started and thier body language brings the whole team down.Often by the time they get into groove or get out,the opposition already has the momentum.

It's not that I have hated him all the time.For a tiny period,when he played well twice for Delhi Daredevils while I was watching at FerozeShah Kotla Stadium,I felt he wasn't that bad.However,he proved me wrong by consecutively playing badly in the ongoing series.33 runs in 4 matches while opening the batting with somebody like Virender Sehwag is just not acceptable.If and when India don't have Gautam Gambhir or Sachin Tendulkar,then they must call a regular opener.Even Shikhar Dhawan could be picked since he has been performing consistently in the India A side.

I hope Mr. Srikanth stops picking his state's wicketkeeper to fill any spot vacant in the team.It's high time now.

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